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A brand is not just a logo and a fancy colour scheme. Your brand represents your business, your values, what it stands for. As the digital world gets ever more competitive, it is really important to have a strong, clear identity, both in attracting customers and building loyalty.

A successful branding campaign can be built up in a number of ways, but there are a few core aspects that all branding experts agree on. A brand begins with an idea or a concept. From there it expands and reaches across all marketing activities, social media campaigns and business ideas. Just like a building needs solid foundations, so too does any good marketing campaign need a solid and well-regarded brand. If you aren’t clear of your brand or who you are, you will never be able to truly engage with customers through advertising or social media.

Building A Brand

The fundamental part of building a brand involves understanding why a business exists. What is the vision? What is the message? What are the business values? In understanding the core values behind a company, we can set to work on building a brand identity.

From this foundation, we then move onto establishing a unique selling proposition (USP). What is it that makes your business stand out from the crowd? What makes you better than your competitors? Whether it is a unique perspective, a unique product, or simply lower prices than others, you need to show off what sets you apart and what will appeal to your customers.